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Alcimar family is in the market for three generations, and very proud about being a reference in the sector of conserve olives in Portugal.

Since 1940 António Simões Pereira Lopes began its business selling olive oil. In 1955 his son Alcides Marques Pereira Lopes joined him.

In 1972 Mr. Alcides founded a company now dedicated to the commercialization of conserve olives and olive oil.

With a profound knowledge of the market, and the increase in the sales volumes the business revealed potential. Due to this Mr. Alcides, a young entrepreneur, dedicated full attention to the business of conserve olives, leaving olive oil business. And so, in 1982 Alcides Marques Pereira Lopes, Lda. was born, and in 2002 the Alcimar brand.

Throughout the years Alcimar has proactively developed its business with investment in the growth of productive capacity, along with the continuous investment in product quality. Now his two sons have joined Alcimar has a way to perpetuate the family business alive for three generations.

Alcimar received a distinction with the prize PME Líder attributed because of its performance and risk profile with the banks.